Exploring the Art of Back Trolling in Spinning says the author.

Back trolling is a method used in spinning that requires the baits to be moved along the bottom of the water body while the anglers propel the boat in a forward motion. This technique is usually used to kill larger fish that are usually found in the water body’s deeper portions. The method works best when the water is deep and steady, so the angler can keep the bait in the same location for a long time.

The angler should select a bait that is visible to the fish when using the back trolling method. This can be a plastic worm, a spinnerbait, or a crankbait bait. The angler should then move the boat slowly and steadily with the new, making sure that the bait remains in contact with the bottom of the sea. This will cause the bait to fly in a arc-like pattern and compel the fish to strike.

The angler should set the hook as soon as a fish strikes the bait while keeping the boat’s forward motion. This will give the fish a chance to run with the bait and will encourage the angler to hold the line. To prevent the fish from running away, the angler should reel in the fish as quickly as possible.

Back trolling is a popular way to capture larger fish in deeper waters. It allows the angler to hold the bait for a lengthy period of time, while the angler can also keep the fish on the line. When a fish strikes the bait, it’s important to keep the boat moving and to set the hook quickly. This technique can be mastered with little practice, and it will help anglers catch more and larger fish.

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