Investigating the Different Kinds of Jigging.

Jigging is a fishing technique that is used primarily for trapping fish such as cod, haddock, pollock, mackerel, herring, and ling. To lure and catch the fish, it requires the use of a weighted jigging line with a baited hook attached. The jigging line is then cast and recovered in a jerk motion, which results in the bait’s erratic swimming motion that draws the fish. The jigging technique can differ greatly depending on the species of fish being aimed.

Vertical jigging is one of the first methods of jigging. This is the most common tactic, and it involves the angler slowly jigging the bait up and down in the water. The bait is presented in a jerking motion, with the line being jigged up and down in a jerking motion. This method is mainly used for killing fish like cod and haddock.

Horizontal jigging is another form of jigging, and it is used to kill species such as pollock and mackerel frogs. The bait is presented in a horizontal orientation in this mode and is jigged from side to side. The bait’s erratic swimming motion causes the fish to eat the bait. This process is usually used in deeper waters and can be carried out either with a spinning rod or a jigging rod.

Trolling jigging is a specific form of jigging. To create an even more erratic swimming motion of the bait, trolling jigging involves the use of two or more rods and reels. This method is often used to kill larger animals such as ling and tuna. The trolling jigging method needs more patience and expertise than the other two methods, and it is usually used in deeper waters.

And then there’s the lure jigging. To entice the fish, this technique calls for the use of a spoon or jigging lure. This technique is mainly used for killing species like salmon and trout. Since the lure is jigged more vigorously in the water, Lure jigging demands that the angler be more involved in the presentation of the bait.

In conclusion, jigging is a versatile fishing tactic that can be used to hunt a variety of species of fish. Depending on the species being attacked, various types of jigging can be used, so anglers must be aware of the various methods and choose the most appropriate one for the target species. Anglers can effectively identify their desired species with proper technique and experience.

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