The Best Fishing Line For Reeling In A Lunker

Whether you’re an avid fishermen or you simply enjoy fishing when you get the chance, catching the largest and most attractive fish is likely your goal. Oftentimes, ensuring that you have the proper equipment is one of the most important aspects of catching fish that you can be proud of, and finding the best fishing line should be top on your list.

Choosing The Best Line

Braided fishing line is the top choice for many fishermen, because it offers you greater sensitivity and strength despite being thinner in diameter, it does not stretch, and it can make casting uncomplicated. It can be difficult to find the best fishing line, especially if you’re unsure of where to begin, so here are overviews of four wonderful picks:

Stren High Impact Fishing Line

This superior choice of fishing line offers many benefits. Not only is it shock-resistant, which is ideal for dealing with aggressive fish, but it is perfect for saltwater fishing, whether off-shore or coastal. Here are the pros of this choice:

• Strong & durable
• Increases your chances of catching greater amounts of fish
• Affordable

Alternately, here is a list of the cons:

• Has the tendency to become twisted
• May break in some situations
• May not work well with spinning reels

As long as you use this fishing line in the right situation, you should be pleased with its performance. The Stren High Impact Fishing Line comes in six different sizes, from ten yards to sixty, it is simple to use, and it’s low-priced when compared to other types of fishing line.

Users have been relatively happy with this product, and according to reviews, 70% of users consider this fishing line to be a five-star product. 13% gave it four stars, rendering this product a smart buy for nearly anyone who loves saltwater fishing.

Individuals who left negative reviews experienced problems using the product, and many were not using the fishing line in the recommended situations, such as when fishing for saltwater fish.

Seaguar Blue Label

This fishing line comes in numerous sizes, from two pounds to eighty. Referred to as America # 1 leader, this fishing line boasts many benefits, such as:

  • Double structure fluorocarbon – In other words, the fishing line consists of two separate materials that are combined, yet the main quality of each material remains present. This allows for softness on the inside, while the knotted outside is as durable, dependable and strong, which is what fishermen expect.
  • Resistance — Even when fishing where there are aggressive fish, you don’t have to worry about the line easily breaking or becoming damaged.
  • Makes fishing effortless — Due to the ease of using this fishing line, as well as its ability to maintain knots.

As with every product, there were some cons reported, which are as:

  • Inability to stretch as much as similar fishing lines
  • Higher visibility — despite being clear, this fishing line is more visible to fish than other types.
  • Price — while some customers consider the price of Seaguar fishing line to be affordable, others find the prices expensive.

Regardless of the weight you choose, a majority of users agree that its overall performance is exceptional.

Fishermen agree that Seaguar Blue Label is the leader in braided fishing line, and out of hundreds of users, 83% of them give this fishing line a five-star rating. One and two-star ratings account for less than five percent, making it easy for consumers to understand why this fishing line is so highly respected and regarded.

Overall, Seaguar Blue Label is a top choice for a reason.

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

This fishing line comes in various sizes to meet just about any fisherman’s needs, and one main color is ultra clear, which reduces visibility. This increases the chances of attracting and catching bigger and better fish.

Other colors are available, and there are some colors that can actually increase visibility, making it easier to fish at night, as you can keep track of your line.

Nearly 1,000 customers have left reviews about this particular fishing line, with approximately 80% of them positive. Less than 10% were negative, and of the 10%, most were dissatisfied with delivery or other aspects unrelated to the actual fishing line.

Some pros of the Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool are:

  • Undeniable strength, which helps with reeling in even the largest fish
  • High resistance to abrasion, making it easier to fish where many rocks, sticks and other debris exists
  • The fishing line is made of high quality material, which the manufacturer stands behind. If you have any problems with the product, simply contact customer service and they will do whatever necessary to ensure your issue is resolved

Some cons of this brand of fishing line are:

  • Casting may be more challenging, especially for beginners
  • Works optimally in the beginning, but after some use, memory may increase, which can cause problems
  • May become tangled often, which can be frustrating for some fishermen

KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line

This is another popular braided fishing line that avid fishermen prefer, and like the other brands, it comes in various sizes.
Some pros of this choice include:

  • High quality and well known. KastKing FluoroKote won an award in 2015 for being the best in its class
  • Cast with ease, due to the technologically-advanced process the product has undergone
  • Low visibility, which increases the amount of fish caught

Some cons of the KastKing are as follows:

  •  May crack, develop ridges or break, in certain situations
  • Memory may be greater than expected
  • Has a tendency to become overstretched

The KastKing fishing line is value-priced, which attracts many users. Out of nearly 300 reviews, this fishing line received 72% of five-star reviews. These customers’ expectations were exceeded and they are able to thoroughly enjoy many fishing trips, thanks to this brand.

One and two-star reviews account for around 9% of reviews, and many have complaints regarding the line breaking.

Here are some actual comments regarding this fishing line:

“The line was super strong and I caught many largemouth bass.”

“The line casts in a smooth manner and sinks relatively quickly.”

“I must have gotten old fishing line, because mine was brittle and broke easily.”

“Nice line, but it isn’t durable. It breaks and cracks easily.”

Questions & Answers

Even experienced fishermen sometimes have questions, especially when it comes to braided fishing line. Here are some common questions and answers that you might find helpful in regards to fishing line.

How should I store my fishing line?

Fishing line should be stored in a dark, low-moisture area, for proper maintenance.

How can I prevent my line from breaking when reeling in a large fish?

Although it can be frustrating, all fishing lines will break from time to time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your product is low quality, but what is does mean is that you may have had your fishing line for a while and it may have become brittle.

Ensuring that you have the correct size/weight for the type and size of the fish you’re trying to catch can make a major difference in whether your line breaks or not.

How can I prevent my fishing line from twisting?

First of all, ensure that your spool isn’t overfilled, which is the cause of most cases of twisting. You can also give the line a few days to get used to the shape of the new spool.
Finding the best fishing line doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you take the time to carefully research the fishing line that you’re interested in buying, and you’re certain that you’re going to be using it in the most appropriate situation, you will likely end up with the fishing line that will enable you to catch plentiful fish in the easiest manner possible.

Out of the above four fishing line possibilities, the Seaguar Blue clearly appears to be the best choice for several reasons. Not only does it out perform almost all other fishing lines in its class, but the price is equivalent to many types that are inferior in overall performance, making it low cost and high quality.

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